• 2019 Play Dates!!

    Day 1 30 March

    Day 2 6 April

    Day 3 13 April

    NO PLAY 20 April, 27 April

    Day 4 4 May.... then every Saturday apart from:

    NO PLAY 8 June, 6 July, 13 July

    Day 14 3 August

    Semi's 10 August (junior) 11 August (senior)

    Finals 17 August

    Grand finals 24 August

    Reserve GF 31 August

    Day 2 - 9 April

    No play 16 and 23 April

    Day 3 - 30 April - and then every Saturday until the long weekend.

    No play - 11 June, 2 July, 9 July.

    Semi's 13/14 August, finals 20 August, GF 27 August with the following Saturday a reserve GF day (e.g. for weather).

  • Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at Cronulla RSL Memorial Club. 7.30pm. All teams to please send a representative.

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Thursday, 22 July 2010 20:51



2014 Fixtures are LIVE

Very exciting, the draw is live! And very easily found on the SSNA website if you know the age and grade that you are looking for.

At the top left of the draw (or under "resultsvault") you can find the ladder for each grade too, and all the for and against stats. Very handy to be able to be see how your next opponent has been going. 


Note that SSNA have (finally) put dates on games!! We are yet to hear if that means a totally washed out day will be replayed at a later date (in the past it would go to the next week), we'll let you know once we're sure.

If we have wet weather and Seymour Shaw is closed (being grass it can be closed when Bellingara is open) the 8, 9 and 10B1 (only days 1-7) games are moved to the Ridge. The draw is then different.

8, 9 and 10B1 wet weather draw at the Ridge


The affects of wet weather at Bellingara can only be predicted on the day - if wet weather is anticipated the games are still as scheduled, no change in time, court or location. Games can be played on wet courts but not in heavy rain, often making it a timeslot by timeslot decision, therefore it is possible for some timeslots to be played and others not - we'll advise you of any wet weather games if they eventuate. 


Several teams will be playing against a Special Divsion team (so lucky, you'll love your game). This is straight after your game.

  • Day 2 11B2 court 34
  • Day 7 11AR court 34
  • Day 10 16B3 court 32

We'll be having canteen duty at Seymour Shaw on Day 13 (but we are hoping to swap this) and Bellingara on Day 4. It's a small duty and only once a season, we'll get the roster out for all teams who play at those grounds on those days a few weeks in advance.


Enjoy the season!!!

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